The Easy Way to Start a Fireplace

Roaring Fire

I have found a tried and true method for getting our fireplace going without kindling and balled-up newspaper.  That is how my father did it when I was growing up and it worked depending on the age and dryness of the wood.  

Step 1:  Go down to the Food Lion or your favorite supermarket or big box store and pick up some quick lighting logs.  They are sold individually or in boxes.    

Duraflame makes them:

Duraflame Logs

Java-Log is a brand that makes their logs out of recycled coffee grounds.  They say they save millions of tons of coffee grounds from going into landfills.  These logs are also claimed to be very clean burning.  


Step 2:  Place one of these logs flat in the fireplace grate.  You light the paper wrapper in three places and before you know it, the log is going.

Step 3:  Use your fireplace tongs to place real wood logs in a tee pee configuration over the lit fake log.  The real wood logs will catch in short order.  A fire made from one fake log and two real logs will go for two to three hours.  

Step 4:  Keep the fire going by adding real wood logs.  

Step 5:  Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Step 6:  Click here to get the chance to practice. 

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